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Michael Sherman

Just installed Vista. And as many, with Hauppauge hardware have found, a
lot of their cards will not work under Vista.

That being said, Vista installs drivers for my card:

Hauppauge WinTV 878/9 WDM Aux Driver
Hauppauge WinTV 878/9 WDM Video Driver

The video works fine within the Wintv2000 program that came with the card,
but sound does not work. As well, WMC does not detect the card at all. One
odd thing is in the Aux driver windows update installs, when you go into
it - it states "No drivers are installed for this device".

I have contaced Hauppauge on this, as this is not a Vista issue. However,
they were less than helpful.

Has anyone with similar hardware found a work around or beta driver that may
work? I do not care, atm, if this works in WMC or not. I would be fine
just to get sound and run through the WinTV2000 application.


I have no problem with sound or video running WinTV2000 in Vista RC2. I did
run its install in XP compatibility mode.


It is not so much a problem with Wintv2000. Vista just will not load a
proper driver for this card. Hauppauge stated there is not one. Just
hoping to see if anyoen was able to alter an older driver or something.

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