How to install "PCI to PCI Bridge" driver, associated with WinTV card installation?



Vista Ultimate 64bit / 4 GB memory / MSI 965 Motherboard / NVidia GeForce
7600 GS video card \ Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1800 MC-Kit

I'm not a PC whiz, so please be gentle :) I just installed a WinTV-HVR-1800
MC-Kit in an empty PCI Express x1 slot. Vista found the card but in the
'Found New Hardware' dialog I'm getting a 'needs to install driver software
for your PCI to PCI Bridge'. Vista doesn't find it, and it and asks for the
disk that came with the hardware, and I've tried the MSI motherboard drivers
CD', and the WinTV CD but the drivers are not found. Same with MCE
TRANCEIVER Emulator Device 2006'

- When I visit the Vista Control Panel / System Devices, the PCI to PCI
Bridge entry says the device is working properly?
- In 'Other devices' the only entry is ' MCE TRANCEIVER Emulator Device
2006', and the statement it is not configured properly?

To be honest I don't understand the function of the bridge or the
Tranceiver. I am able to go into Vista 'Media Center' and pick up some local
TV stations but am receiving poor quality images, and the rest of the
functionality doesn't seem to work. Assistance appreciated - Thanks, IM


Sorry for the late 'Thank You'! I resolved the problem by removing the card
and reinstalling after a clean boot, with the SW you recommended. Works fine
now. Have a great holiday! - IM

Cal Bear '66


You're welcome -- although, I think that removing and reinstalling the card had
more to do with solving your problem than the using the latest drivers.

It's very good to hear you were successful.


I Bleed Blue and Gold

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