Hardware question...


M'Balz Es-Hari

This morning a WIn2k server that I have wouldn't boot up.
I am using a Promise RAID card & have two drives mirored.
What showed on the screen was a bunch of gibberish - lots of flickering
characters, etc, but I could make out the message (from the raid card) that
one of the drives had become unstable, that system could boot but wouldn't
be fault tolerant.
I hit the key to let it boot & as windows splash screen came up, display was
very whacked out, so I wasn't even going to be able to see message to log
on, etc., so I shut down & replaced the VGA card.
Now, it wouldn't boot at all & I get a message on the monitor to check video
I have treied other VGA cards, as well as a PCI video card & nothing.
I pulled all the ram & tried to boot & got a sreies of beeps, probably due
to the ram being gone, which gives me hope that the mobo might still be good
& at this time am just wanting to get it booted up to check some accounts,
Any reason why I'm getting no display & what I can do to get it up & running
for a short while?

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