Hard Freeze up



Okay so the comuter isnt restarting no more it just freezes up UGGGGGG Here
are my stats again and it just freezes up hard I was trying to play a game
and BAM froze up with static in the speakers. Already tried taking the sound
card out and used onboard sound samething. I tested the ram no errors using
memtest. Hard drives tested nthign wrong. maybe CPU? Motherboard is brand
new. Made sure they tested it no problems with it. I dunno sigh : (

AMD 64 3000+
Gigabyte k8ns
430true power antec
maxtro 120 g ig hard drive
western digital 160 gig hard drive
lite on dvd rw
1 gig DDR 3200( 2 sticks of x 512mb corsair)
Nvidia 5600 128mb
sound blaster audigy
Linksys network card

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