Hard drive effect cpu speed and temp

Oct 26, 2009
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Hi all, I dont have serious problem only it is a strange one and I am curious to the possible reason.
I am running 9850 on m4a78-pro mobo with 3 1gig kingmax 1066 ram, 4850 gfx card one 500gig seagate hdd for storage and I use 2 seperate hdd for booting. 1 I use for gaming with only software needed for games.
another for my office and internet and other stuff.

one hdd is a samsung 80 gig and other is a 320 gig seagate

Both use Vista 32.

My question is this, even if i have just installed windows and have nothing installed on either hdd my temperature is 38c on cpu and 40c on mb for samsung 80 gig but if i change to seagate 320 gig it goes to 57 on cpu and 52 on mb. These are no load temps. Under load cpu goes to 54c on samsung an 61c on seagate.

Speed on the seagate is also much faster. that is the entire pc in general.

Can the hard drive affect the cpu and ram an mb speeds an temps so much?

Thanks for any response I recieve, it is appriciated.

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