GSNW on 2000AS to Novell 3.12



Hello All!

We are running Netware 3.12 and also Windows 2000 AD
GSNW only provides using one userid/password to access
Netware resources. Is there any way to restrict Netware
resource access on a per user basis through GSNW?


Michael Platts [MSFT]


Yes, GSNW will only use the Gateway account to access NetWare and users are
restricted to the rights that account has on the NetWare server. The only
way to control access when accessing GSNW shares are on the share
permissions themselves. You can manage these permissions from the
'Permissions' button in Control Panel / GSNW / Gateway. One idea is to use
a NetWare account that has full (or nearly full) access, then throttle back
on what your users can do by setting permissions to the share they access.

Best regards,
Michael Platts, MCSE
Microsoft Product Support
Windows 2000 Server Networking Team


Thanks so much for your response, Michael. I really
appreciate your help.
I have an additional question in regard to this set up.
There are six (6) 3.12 servers in total. The login is via
bindery, and so no way to authenticate to one place (NDS
Tree) and assign access to resources.
How would I go about accessing multiple servers? Do I need
an individual gateway for each server?

Michael Platts [MSFT]

Hi Danny,

The gateway can only be configured to use one set of credentials. You will
need to create the same credentials on each of the servers you intend to
gateway users to. You can then use the 'Add...' button to add additional
shares that have paths to each of the servers.

Just to make sure I was clear in my previous post, I would allow the
NetWare account you create near-full or full access on the NetWare side.
You can then use the Permissions button to control access that Windows
users will have. The Windows users will only be allowed full access to
NetWare if you configure it that way (which is the default if you don't
modify the permissions by the way).

Best regards,
Michael Platts, MCSE
Microsoft Product Support
Windows 2000 Server Networking Team

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.
Please reply to the newsgroup so that others may benefit.



Again, thanks for your help.
However, I now have a new issue. The 2000 server is part
of the domain, but not as a DC. The Netware group
NTGATEWAY exists on the one of 6 Novell servers I am
accessing. There is a user within that group with full
control permissions on the Novell server. I have created
shares on the Gateway that point to a Novell
volume\folder. Problem: When I try to access the shares
(i.e. map a drive to them) the Gateway machine does not
show up in the network via browsing. When I go ahead and
type in the location of the Novell volume\folder, I get an
error stating that the "user does not exist". I've even
tried clicking on the share in Windows Explorer on the
Gateway and I get the "user does not exist" error.

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