Netware 3.12 With Windows 2003



In my company is using Netware 3.12 for authntication and act as a file
server. We are recently have set up a Window2003 server, and i plan to
configure this window2003 as a second file server (Larger Storage). For
currently, User first login to Novell, then they are able to mapping drive

What i plan to do is let user to share two different file server which is
Netware 3.12 and Windows 2003 run together. Will be take out Netware if
windows can run in stable. I would much appreciated if someone can give me
advise or suggestion or give me reference link to find out this. Thank you.

Ken B

Just to simplify the network, I'd suggest removing the Novell server all
together, move the files off it, and set up an Active Directory on the 2003
box. That's taking into consideration the age of 3.12... I think they're up
to 6 or 7 at this point with Novell, and you're missing a lot of 'features'
present in the later versions of Novell.

But that may not be practical in your situation... You could continue on as
planned, and utilize the 2003 server as a member server of your NDS (did
that exist back then!?)

Good luck!


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