Password Integration


Kevin Spanner

We have a customer who is having problems with password authentication in a
mixed Novell Netware / Windows 2000 environment.

The customer is running Windows 98 PC's in a Netware 6.x environment. The
PC's are using the Netware client to access the network.

We have installed a Windows 2000 server with Active Directory into this
environment to run a Visual Foxpro application. The Foxpro application is
sourcing its data from an SQL 2000 database that is now installed on the
Windows 2000 server.

For the Foxpro application to run properly the clients have to connect to a
shared folder on the 2000 server where certain program files are located.

In Active Directory we have created an Application User Group (APPUSERS)
and AD users who are members of this group have access to this particular
folder. We have created user accounts in AD that are identical to those that
are being used in the Netware environment for those specific users that have
access to this application.

The customer does not want to use Services For Netware as they believe that
unwarranted changes could occur in their Netware environment.

The scenario works fine if the user's account and password are the same in
the Netware environment as the Windows 2000 environment. However, the
Netware environment changes passwords every 30 days.

How can I create an authentication scenario so that whatever the user
password is in the Netware environment we will still allow access to the
particular shared folder on the Windows 2000 server?

In 6 months time, the PC's will be upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional.
Will the scenario have to be changed again at that stage ?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Doug Harding

you might also look into MSDSS (Microsoft Directory
Services Synchronization Services?)
From what I am told this will synch accounts and passwords
between the two directories.

In Disguise

fwiw, msdss is a good short-term solution if you are planning on
eventually migrating, but novell's identity manager 2 is a great piece
of work and can also sync peoplesoft, exchange, groupwise, sap, oracle,
sql, etc. not to sound like a commercial, but i've been very impressed
with it's ability to manage users, groups, etc. ie, if you create a
user in peoplesoft, it automatically (via policy, of course) creates
that account in ad, edirectory, email, etc. same if you modify the
account, disable it, etc.

just my opinion from working with it.

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