Group policy for TS


Mike Johnson

Have 2 servers both of which are DC's running Windows 2003. One of the
servers is a TS Server in application mode (I know it shouldn't be a DC but
had no other option!). I want users to login on this server using TS Client
when they are at home and only get to see Outlook on the desktop and nothing
else. If I apply group policies this will also put restrictions on them on
their local machines which I don't want.

Is this possible? If so how.

Thanks in advance.




You could set the startup application in their user account to Outlook, which
effectively makes Outlook the session shell. This will not affect their
workstation logon.

If you have more than one server I don't see why your TS is also a DC. The
only time a TS should be on a DC is when it is the only server in the
enterprise, i.e. SOHO with < 20 users.

Patrick Rouse
Micrsoft MVP - Terminal Server

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