GPUPDATE Will Not work when Disconnected from Network


Delphi ITM

When I issue the following command: GPUPDATE /TARGET:COMPUTER /FORCE I
receive the following error:

The processing of Group Policy failed because of lack of network
connectivity to a domain controller.

While the computer is joined to a Win2k3 domain, it is currently
disconnected and I am logged in with a local machine account with
administrative privileges.

I am making changes via the local group policy editor MMC snapin but they
are not being applied.

If I perform the same function on an XP machine, it works fine. Once the
machine has access to the domain, the local group policy settings, along with
domain group policy settings are properly applied.

What must I configure so the local group policy can be applied when
disconnected from the Domain?

REF: Windows Vista Ultimate 64 SP1

Delphi ITM

Expected only on VISTA? It works fine on XP and Server 2003. I do not buy
the security argument here. If you have the capability to change the local
GP, then you have the ability to change the registry. If I edit the registry
manually, rather than having the GP do it for me, then I get the desired
change in system behavior. If that’s MS idea of security by inconvenience,
then I will simply use a different door. Now I see why administrators are
not adopting this software.

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