Vista try to connect to not available domain



My Vista machine is setup to connect to corp domain. The problem is when
I am not connected to domain (like at home) Vista sometimes try to
"phone home" and contact the domain. Not only when logging on.

This happens for example when I try to access a web application (which I
am doing development work on) in IIS I am running locally on my machine.
When I try to connect to the application for some reason an attempt to
contact the domain is made which cause eventually a timeout.

Also get this sometimes on file prompts (roaming profile is used so
probably trying to connect to domain for my documents etc).

Doesn't happen when I have no network connection at all or when I am
connected to domain either locally or using vpn.

Any ideas what I can do to fix this?

There might be some group policies used, things I don't have control
over (domain account is restricted even though I have local admin

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