GPOs for Local Password Policies

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Stephen Chapman

A GPO query for Windows 2000 AD, XP & 2000 workstations.

I have a default domain GPO defining "Passwords must meet complexity
requirements", and several other settings with No Overrride set. This
is to update local policy settings on domain workstations. I have a
small collection of PCs that should not have password complexity set -
I thought that the way to acheive this would be to apply a Deny to the
Default Domain GPO with a group I added the computers to, and create a
second copy GPO which contained all settings except password
complexity requirements and only permission this to the computer group
..... so far so good ...

The problem I have in the lab is that the updates dont appear to be
working. If I reset the policy on the DC, and then run gpupdate /force
and then gpresult /z I dont see the updates on the workstations.
I have disabled slow link detection and tried removing and adding a
workstation back to the domain - even renaming / adding new GPOs but
the machine seems to stick with the policy its domwnloaded even an
hour ago - if I rename the GPO, gpresult still shows the old name an
hour later. I've enven rebooted the DC & the workstation, but I seem
to get unpredicable results.

Does anyone have any suggestions or a link to a good doc on GPOs.

Thanks in Advance

Danny Sanders

Account policies are one to a domain. The reason being if there are
resources on a domain that are sensitive enough to require complex
passwords, setting anything short of all accounts to meet this requirement
amounts to creating a security hole.Why waste time trying to brute force a
complex password when you can brute force a simple password on the same

Differing account policies is a major reason for creating another domain.


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