get live account with desired name before someone else snatches it!


John Jay Smith is the new free service of microsoft.... so you might want to get
account name you desire before someone else gets it.

for example (e-mail address removed) instead of (e-mail address removed)

To do it, follow these steps:

How to get a ID

Go to register an passport
account with a NON-HOTMAIL/MSN email address
Sign in to with your passport that you just
Paste into address bar.
Edit your registered information, input your birthday (18+) and change your
Country/Region to 'United States'.
Paste to address bar, then
your can change your passport to

If you do not change to US (skip step four), you'll get
domain address
If you change to 'China', you'll get domain address
If you change to 'Korea', you'll get domain address and so on...
It seems like Windows Live Mail only works with addresses at the
Please note that after migrating to domain, your previous
NON-HOTMAIL/MSN email address will no longer be associated with passport
Currently, it only works for NON-HOTMAIL/MSN email addresses (in Step 1)

John Jay Smith

Lol MS probably found out that
thousands of people were getting names.. so they shut it down !

It was nice while it lasted.....

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