generic cdrw usb driver




Rich Barry

You can try here though XP should have
the drivers if you have installed SP1.
A USB cdrw would usually be USB 2.0. If your Motherboard does not
support USB 2.0 you may have to
get a PCI USB 2.0 Card.




Firstly, the USB Device [in your case a CD-ROM] is contained within a USB
caddy of some description. This will be the first item that is identified in
the plug and play sequence.

There may be a specific driver required for this item.

Secondly, a CD-ROM will be made by some manufacturer and have a model number
on it, so you can look up their website and download an XP driver for it. Be
aware that there is not a specific USB driver as opposed to an IDE driver for
the CD ROM: it is just a Windows XP driver for the device. The USB drive as
mentioned is associated with ther Cradle for the CD ROM which attaches via
the USB cable.

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