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Game trouble on Vista

Hi.... im having major trouble with a game i purchased in the early nineties
(fragile allegiance) its always run on windows 95, nt & xp..... However, i
have recently purchased a new laptop with Vista and the game will not run. i
install and click the exe file and the small box appears and disappears. I
have downloaded a Dosbox program that allows me to see what the problems
are.... firstly i dont think their is a full dos screen in vista which doesnt
help.....Secondly when i load the Dosbox it says when i mount the drive that
it requires 16mb to run the game from the drive.....ahhhh

Also i have tried the compatability option in properties and that doesnt
work.... Any help would be grateful received..

email me on (e-mail address removed)






Well its to old and not made for XP or Vista.
None of them have Dos like 95/98 had.
So it can be alot of things that the game need thats not in Vista.
So try a newer game insteed.


Dustin Harper

Some games just won't work with Vista, even with compatibility mode and
running as administrator. The OS has changed so much from Windows 95, that
it was bound to happen sometime.

Another alternative is to try a Virtual Machine and install Windows 95 or XP
on it. You can try or
Depending on how much graphical prowess your game needs, they may be
suffecient. They don't offer much (if any) 3D acceleration.


Dustin Harper
(e-mail address removed) | Vista Resource & Information Page

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This usually indicates that the game used "DOS" methods to access the HD.
The problem is that the dos calls did not understand large hard drives and
NTFS. The game tries to read the HD size, and fails because the HD is
larger than the code expects, resulting in (usually) a null value or an out
of range value being returned to the calling routine.
(Some of the older non microsoft networking certification training programs
suffered from the same difficulty.)
It may be possible to setup a small partition, or perhaps a RAM drive to
fool the game into working.
Use of VMS or the other emulators have a fair chance of getting around the

"Secondly when i load the Dosbox it says when i mount the drive that
it requires 16mb to run the game from the drive.....ahhhh"

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