Older game compatability with Windows Vista Ultimate



Hi everyone,
My kids have many video games on CR-ROM. Is it safe to load these on our new
Vista Ultimate system? For example, they have Battlefront II. What worries me
is it says "DirectX9.0c may be loaded..." during the install. Will the game
blow up the version of DirectX that came with the system? Will this game work
at all on Vista. Others we have here include Age of Empires, Battlefield, and
The Godfather. Probably a stupid question but before I cause myself more
trouble I thought I should ask the experts.




Dustin Harper

You can let it install DX9.0c, in fact you want it to. It won't overwrite
anything newer, and some games require some of the modules that it installs.

It should work. Age of Empires and Battlefield both work, I'm sure. Not sure
on the others, but you can check http://www.vistareadygames.com to see if
they do or not, or if there is a workaround.

Martin Vaupell

About Direct X

Direct x will not Downgrade from its current version, so for that part ur

And for the games part, ur mostly safe, well generally origial games ;)
Virus free and such.. copyed games cant be garantied vira free etc.,. :p

How ewer games arent excaktly harmfull part to vista,
and doubt that most of them ewen will run. The majority of games
are "50/50" chance if they run or not on vista. hehe..

But for those games you listet there, your safe to try ;)
Install and see.

Martin / Eqvaliser


yeah, what everyone said below. Older versions of DirectX will not overwrite
files if there are newer versions of the files already installed.

I have System Shock 2 installed which uses DirectX 6.1, and no problems
(save the normal patching that game requires for NT/2K/XP/Vista
compatibility. I have a SimGolf CD that uses DirectX 2, no problems. DirectX
tries to install and unless a required file is missing or older, it won't do
anything, so if a game asks if you want to reinstall, hit yes with

Vista likes older games, and so do I.


so based on what andy says,,,,, will i have no problems running combat flight
simulator 2 on a new vista machine??????





Dale M. White

Only thing I can add, is that I got Warcraft 3 and Quake 2 to install and
run under Vista (Vista 64 at that). So odds are good that it will install
and run.


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