ftpctrs error



i have a windows 2000 server machine, with service pack 4 installed. I have
been getting this ftpctrs error. "unable to collect the ftp performance
statistics. FTP service is not started. Any ideas on how i can stop
theses messages or what is causing them ? They just recently started
appearing after i upgraded my symantec antivirus edition on the server.


George Hester

The various Windows 2000 performance counters can error and fix peiodically. It is an
issue with Windows 2000. But the real issue here is your FTP not started. Is that how
you want it or is that your trouble?

As for the ftp counter issue try in the command prompt:

iisreset /stop
winmgmt /clearadap
winmgmt /resyncperf
iisreset /start

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