ftp shows more folders than frontpage .. not _vti



When I ftp in I see everything fine, even frontpage's hidden folders
... but when I "ftp" with frontpage, or log into the domain, I see only
half of the folders. I have CHMOD the folders in the ftp program that
I can not see in frontpage with 777, no luck .. could it have
something to do with the hidden folders ? should I delete them and
then re.install fp extentions on the subweb? I have checked the
attributes of the folders in windows and I have found nothing unusuall
? any ideas ?

Using windows 2000, fp extentions 2002

Note: had to format and re.install server, and copied old website with
old fp extentions



Jim Buyens

The FrontPage desktop software hides certain folders that
you're not supposed to mess with.

Don't mess with these folders. For example, don't chmod
them. Otherwise, you could end up deleteing them and then
reinstalling fp extentions on the subweb.

If the site's not working properly, use tools like
Recalculate Hyperlinks and Server Health. Don't attempt
manual fixes using FTP or other tools that aren't part of
FrontPage. Your chances of manually producing the
configuration FrontPage needs are slim.

Jim Buyens
Microsoft FrontPage MVP
Author of:
|| Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Inside Out
|| Web Database Development Step by Step .NET Edition
|| Microsoft FrontPage Version 2002 Inside Out
|| Faster Smarter Beginning Programming
|| (All from Microsoft Press)

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