Frontpage....not able to download my website into Frontpage...say.



I am trying to import/download my website into Frontpage so i can change and
edit it...
I try the http method and says website not valid.



Thomas A. Rowe

The live/remote server must have the FP extensions, if so you would open the site directly from FP
via File Menu | Open Web / Site and enter the URL in the format of then
enter your login info, then click Ok, then click Open, then you would use File Menu | Publish Web /
Site and enter c:\mywebsite

If the live/remote server doesn't have the extensions, then you need to open it in a FTP application
and download it to c:\mywebsite, then open c:\mywebsite from FP and let FP make it a web.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
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