FP 2003 - Feedback and GuestBook forms



I have created a feedback and guestbook form in my FP web site. Published
the site to the hosting server. Everything works perfect except the Feedback
and Guestbook forms -
The forms display but when SUBMIT is selected, a window displays indicating

A username and password are being requested by http://websitename.com. The
site says: ":"

I changed the actual web site name for this posting.
Any ideas as to why this id-pw is requested?
Appreciate all replies.


Is the form results being posted to the _private folder or elsewhere in the
web site? The default for a feedback form is the _private folder, the
default for the guestlog.htm is either the root folder or the same folder as
the guestbook.htm. The _private folder should have the correct permissions
for form handling, other folders may not, and if the permissions are wrong
the login dialogue will be shown.

There are other possible reasons for the dialogue, such as incorrect
permissions on the _vti_bin folder (which is NOT in your website, or email
that requires a login.

Seeing the pages may help provide a solution.

Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression)

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