forward emails from work server to att blackberry phone



hello all. I have a question. i have a company computer and i want to
forward my emails to my att blackberry curve cell phone. i allready tried
going into tools - rules and alerts and trying to set it up that way but i am
having no luck. could some one please assist me.

K. Orland

It may be that forwarding to the internet is disallowed but hard to say
without configuration information. You should also check with your System
Administrator to see if the company will even allow this.


Do you mean you want to forward your email to a different account (address)
that you can get on the blackberry?

Or do you mean you want to access your current email account on the

If the latter, that is not an outlook function, you have to set up the
blackberry with your server and password settings.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

The proper way to access mail on the BB is by setting up either a BIS
account or use BES or using Desktop manager. If you don't have a BES at
work (and it sounds like you don't) will need POP access to the corporate
mail server (and should clear it with the admin before setting up the BIS

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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