Format Page Error (again)



Well, sorry I have to ask this again, but I just can't get it to work.
I have searched alot of similar topics about this issue but I couldn't find
the answer.

I have a printer on which I want to print a report (a 4x4 label)
I did the page set up for the report and saved it (using default and
specific--The problem is the same with both options)
On my computer works fine but when I try to print the report on a diferent
printer (the same printer model and drivers, just different Work Station) the
page set up format gets lost.

I have the Check auto correct name options: off.
I have the exact same drivers and printer model on both machines (i
reinstalled them)

To test the situation, I connected my PC to the other Printer's Work Station
(by sharing the printer) I set up my Printer as default, opened my db and did
the sep up page for the report and save it. It works, then, I changed my
default printer to the other Work Station and it didn't work, I went in to
Design view (on the same database on my Work Station) and the green triangle
appers, the report does not fit because the page size has changed, even with
out printing, just by changing the default printer the page set up is

Does anyone knows how to fix this?

Thank you.


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