Form not opening as expected at other location after it's sent



We have forms published to our Organization Forms Library. I saved
these forms as .oft files and e-mailed them to another location and
had them publish these same forms in their Organizational Forms
Library. They are able to open the custom form if they choose it from
their library. The problem is that the forms are opening with only
the default fields (message body, from, to, subject) in the mailbox
that receives the form. I verified that I am not separating the read
layout, so the compose and read page should display the same custom
fields. Any ideas on why the form is not opening as expected? This
is only a problem at the other location. The forms open as expected
when sent & received at my location. Thanks in advance.

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Check the value of the Message Class property of the sent items -- it must
match of the published custom form. Also ask the server administrators if the
servers are set up to allow rich-text content to be transmitted. If not,
custom forms won't work; see

Is the mailbox receiving the items a secondary mailbox?

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