forgotten password - windows vista



Hi I have just got a new pc and forgotten the login password already! How do
i get around this without using one of those recovery software programs?



I had somewhat a similar problem when I was trying to change the login
password. It kept coming up and saying the new password was typed
incorrectly, so I figured it didn't take. The next time I logged on my pc,
it would not accept the old password, and I didn't bother remembering the new
one because it said it was incorrect. I had to call Dell, and we ended up
doing an unnecessary reloading of Windows, but it really just took doing a
system restore from an earlier date. You might try restoring the system from
an earlier date and see if that works. It did for me.. I hope this helps...

Pauli Taglia

Alexisxy said:
I forgot my password before.
and look through all the internet.
there are some methods I find.


You are a one-trick pony: You have made 11 posts since April 9 - all
concerning lost passwords, and all to DEAD THREADS FROM ONE OR TWO

Wise up.

Jim Smith

There is also a " Windows Password and Registry Editor" on line.
Google that phraise, it gives you a linux boot disk to reset Windows
accounts and passwords.

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