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I have a customer who has forgotten his password in Vista Home Premium.
The only account visible is that account
When i log on in safe mode, the administrator account is still not visible.
How can i get around this?


Ronnie Vernon MVP


Vista is different from previous versions of windows. The only way the
built-in administrator account will show up in safe mode is if there are no
other admin accounts on the system.

A@PC: Windows Password Recovery Software. Reset Administrator Password. XP
VISTA 2003 2000 NT.:


Thanks, this gave me a clue, but is there any known free downloadable
software availible anyone know about??


Hi Ronnie does that mean when you install vista on a pc and the first account
you create, does that automatically become the built in default admin account
like on XP??? If so there is really no way round it aprt from resetting
passwords from cd or floopy, regards ranj


Apparently, if you only set up ONE administrator account, and specified a
password for that account, then promptly forgot the password, you are unable
to reset the password UNLESS you created a password reset CD, DVD, Floppy
Disk, Flash Drive (a.k.a. thumb drive and USB drive), or Media Card (such as
SD, XD, MemoryStick, or Flash/II/III); baisicly any form of removable media
will do (exept tape drives, so don't use those). Also, these password reset
disks are COMPUTER SPECIFIC, so creating one on another computer will not
allow you to reset that customer's password.

If your customer did not do this, then I'm very sorry, but (from what I've
heard) the only way to get his computer back is to reformat the hard drive.
:( I found this out when I specified a password while CapsLock was on, during
the initial installation (so I never got the chance to make this password
reset CD, DVD, Floppy Disk, Flash Drive, or Media Card) luckly I figured out
what happened and promptly killed the password to my PC.

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