Footnotes in word 2003



The support staff in our institution create a variety of casebooks for
students by combining a number of word and word perfect documents.

I have a very similar or identical problem entering new footnotes into
these combined documents.

You would expect Microsoft office suite / word 2003 in my case to be far
superior and trouble free or relatively easier than the earlier versions in
handling such issues. However I cannot find a solution yet to solve this

When you try to insert a new footnote in the document , for example
inbetween 140 and 141 , then the new foter should be re-numbered as 141 and
all the footnotes after that have to be renumbered by adding +1. It was
really strange to see number 50 being given to the new footnote.

Just to be on the safeside I had downloaded the Service Pack 1 for office
2003 and it didnot solve the problem.

Any help on this issue would be appreciated.


Faculty of Law
University of manitoba



Daiya Mitchell

If these documents were imported from WordPerfect, I don't think you can do
anything about this. Footnotes don't convert well.

We do not know whether different modes of importing from WordPerfect make a
difference. E.g., you can export as .doc from WP, or use Word to open the
WP doc (I think, maybe), or you could save as .rtf from WP and open in Word.
It's possible that different methods produce different results, but I don't
recall anyone checking.

This has become an FAQ, even:

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