New footnotes not inserting in same format as existing footnotes


Kristin M.

I am working in an existing Word document which came from an author with
footnotes already in it (the properties show that it has always been a word
document). When I insert new footnotes, they start a new set of footnotes in
the document and do not join the numbering scheme or set of footnotes already
existing. There are now 63 original footnotes and 32 new footnotes. It's not
a track changes problem (accepting changes doesn't fix it). Changing the
styles doesn't fix it. Is there a way to bring the two sets of footnotes
together without inserting all new footnotes and pasting the information in?


If either the old set or the new set has "Custom Numbering" turned on
(which you get at in the Format Footnotes panel, which you can only
see when you're in Normal (Draft in 2007) View), then they will have
different numbering sequences.

Maybe it also has to do with if they were once Endnotes and got
converted to Footnotes?

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