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I use a custom template to create boilerplate (BP) documents for my company
and and often use footnotes. These individual BP files are used with an
automated "Wizard Tool" to create pull the specific BP files and create a
document wth multiple sections sections (there are no section breaks; page
numbering is sequential).

The problem I am having is the wizard tool no longer retains the
Superscripted look of my footnotes since we moved the tool to a data center.
Now it applies the Normal style on the output file and I'm told it is becasue
I don't have a footnote style. A suggestion was made that I create a Footnote
Style for my template and then apply that style to each footnote I create.

My question is:

if someone does create a Wizard document and then adds additional footnotes
to the footnote file, will all the footnotes be tracked and numbered
sequentially or will there be a problem because some of the notes will be my
"new" footnote style and others may be the MS Footnote Reference style?

Thank you for your help.


Word has built-in styles to format the footnote text and the footnote number;
these are called Footnote Text (a paragraph style) and Footnote Reference (a
character style), respectively. But you can apply any character style to the
footnote number in the text and/or to the footnote number in the footnote
area. And you can apply any paragraph style to the footnote text.

I'm assuming that you are referring to the number in the text? To apply the
Footnote Reference character style to it, you could use this macro:

Sub ApplyFormattingToFnotes()
Dim f As Footnote
For Each f In ActiveDocument.Footnotes
f.Reference.Style = "style name here"
Next f
End Sub

If you need to apply the same or a different character style to the number
in the actual footnote area, add this:

f.Range.Paragraphs(1).Range. _
Characters(1).Style = "style name here"

to the code above.

You can add this to a keyboard shortcut or to a toolbar button. If you need
assistance, see

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