cannot change font in footnote reference



i wrote about this problem last month and couldn't solve it so i gave up now
i'm trying to solve it again. i can't find my old post so i will have to
start over. if microsoft would make it so that we can view our threads that
would help.

ok, i cut and paste some text onto a new doc and the font in the footnote
reference becomes very huge. when i try to change the font of the footnote
reference in the style section, that font becomes the font for the whole
text. this was the answer i received last month on how to solve it

1. Right-click in any paragraph and choose Style... This will open the Style

2. Change the display setting from "All styles" to "Styles in use."

3. Find and select Footnote Reference.

4. Press Delete. This will not actually delete the style (you can't delete
built-in styles), but it should reset it to the default
definition (Default Paragraph Font + Superscript).

If modifying the Footnote Text style changes the entire document, then
perhaps the entire document is in Footnote Text style? Or perhaps the other
styles are somehow based on Footnote Text? This seems very unlikely, but it
is the only explanation I can think of.

ok, so i delete the footnote reference style. that just makes the footnotes
look regular, ie, they're not raised and they're the same font as the rest of
the text. no matter what i do whenever i try to adjust the font of the
footnote reference it applies it to the whole document


why don't you create new style (lets call it myFootNote), and set the font
and size that you want.
and select the footnote text and apply your new myFootNote style, this what
it would not other texts in the document.

*Click YES if this helps

Pesach Shelnitz


Actually, Microsoft does make it farily easy to find the complete threads of
your posts when you access this newsgroup on the Microsoft site. Access the
newsgroup at
Select any of your posts. In the right-hand pane, double-click the link at
your user name to open your profile, and then click Recent Posts by This User.

If this was a postive experience for you, save the link in your Favorites
and use it to access the newsgroup in the future.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

It is possible that deleting (that is, resetting) the Footnote Reference
style removed it from the footnote reference marks. Try this: Select any
footnote reference mark. Does the Style box say Footnote Reference? If so,
then somehow the style has become corrupted.

1. Return to the Style dialog as described before and select the Footnote
Reference style.

2. Click Modify.

3. Click Format | Font.

4. In the Format dialog, check the box for Superscript. Click OK.

5. In the Modify style dialog, click OK (if this has been a problem in all
new documents, check the box for "Add to template").

6. The style definition in the Style dialog should read "Default Paragraph
Font + Superscript."

If, when you select a footnote reference mark, the Style box *doesn't* say
Footnote Reference, then you need to reapply the style.

1. Press Ctrl+H to open the Replace dialog.

2. In the "Find what" box, type ^f (the code for a footnote reference mark).

3. Click More to expand the dialog.

4. With the insertion point in the (empty) "Replace with" box, click Format
| Style.

5. Select Footnote Reference and click OK. You should see Format: Style:
Footnote Reference under the "Replace with" box.

6. Click Replace All.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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