footnote problem


Frank Drost

Hello all,

I am working on an old document of mine. It was created
in W0rd 2000, but I am using now Word 2003. One footnote
is set at page 100, but is now printed at the bottom of
page 94. No matter what I do, I can't get the footnote at
the bottom of page 100. Also, it's nr is 3, although
there are no other footnotes on that page and should say 1
(and only 1 footnote on page 94 but even than it should
say nr 2 and not 3).
What worries me most is that even when I delete the
footnote completely and recreate it at the right place on
page 100, it automatically puts it on page 94 again. And
not only that, Word opens up an older version of my file
too, and starts working on that one.

All other footnotes work ok, this is the only one that is

Anyone any suggestions?





There is something wrong in one of the proceeding footnotes. I would start
from where the problem one is, to be sure a couple after it too, and then go
back to each one and then do each one over again. It’s tedious, but will fix
the problem.

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