Follow up on Metallic Audio



Its taken ALOT of time, but I think I have figured out what the problem is.
It seems that my DV codec is outputting the audio at 48khz instead of 44.1.
I don't think windows Movie Maker supports 48khz audio, and thus I get this
bad quality. I ripped a track from a cd at 48khz, and it would play fine in
Winamp, but in MovieMaker, the file gets that metallic quality about it,
even before the movie is produced. It remains the same when outputting the
movie file.

I believe that this occurs when a file is converted between sample rates,
wether it be 44.1 to 48 or 48 to 44.1.

There is no setting under System>Device Man>Sound Video Controllers>Video
Codecs>DV soft that lets me change the audio quality. How can I fix the
problem knowing this new information?

~~~~~~The original post is below.
Well I tried to change the audio to an mp3 with a bitrate of 320 encoded
from a wav with 1141. Then I tried to use the wav-file as the audio source.
Both times, the audio came out the same buzzy metallic sound. Is there
something elso I can do?

John Kelly

Hi there,

I am sure that there are other products that can do this ... but go to
MusicMatch and download their player and use it to convert to whatever format
you want. Their address is...

You can also use it to level the volume.....quite useful with audio that has
sudden high peeks in volume.

John Kelly

Hi Again,

Whilst the program does convert between formats, I meant to say DATA RATE.

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