Capture with Sony TRV740: 32kz vs 48khz audio



I am capturing old analog Hi-8 video recordings through my Sony TRV740
to my PC via firewire using the analog to digital pass-through
capability of the TRV740. I'm using Windows MovieMaker to do the
capture and save to an AVI. Whether I set the audio on the TRV740 to
12-bit or 16-bit, the audio still comes out with a 32khz sampling

From other posts I've read, it seems that 12-bit equates to 32khz and
16-bit equates to 48khz. This does not seem to be the case for me.

Is there a way to force the audio to capture at 48khz? I'd rather not
have to upsample the audio to 48khz after capturing.

Thanks much for any assistance.

Graham Hughes

If the original audio is 12 bit then it will stay as this during capture. I
doubt as it is an analogue recording that upsampling it will make a
difference you can really hear in the end and I'd just use 12 bit


The reason I posted this message is because Windows MovieMaker
introduces a nasty metallic sound in the audio when it upsamples the
audio. This only occurs when a clip is dragged into the timeline.

Rather than try to "fix" the AVI post-capture (i.e. upsample the audio
to 48khz) so MovieMaker wouldn't have to upsample it, I wanted to try
to figure out how to get the audio to capture at 48khz.

I thought that setting the audio to 16-bit would correspond with a
48khz sample rate, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Is there any other way to force the capture at 48khz?

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