Flashing BIOS?!?



Hi guys,

I'm having some problems with my PC, until last weekend it was running
albeit slowly on a P4 2.4Ghz 256mb Ram and Nvidia Geforce MMX 440.

Last weekend I installed another 512Mb Ram and then the problems
started, since then I have used a memtest on every possible combination
of slots and sticks possible and the only time it throws any problems up
is when both are in. Fine I thought I'll remove the 256Mb stick and
carry on like that. No such luck the problems continued so I thought
that it must be the 512Mb stick, I swapped the sticks round (removing
the 512mb) Thinking it would go back to normal but my Pc is still
****ing up.

Basically what happens is (in no particular order):

The monitor will flick on and off
The computer will completely freeze up forcing a manual reset
Little black squares will appear over active icons in the taskbar and
start menu
Games will crash

Here's what is confusing me, Everytime I reset the windows error
reporting states that my computer has recovered from a 'serious error'
and claims that my BIOS isn't up to date enough for my processor (I
thought it was the Ram).

Has anyone had any experience of this?

If I do indeed need to flash my bios any help would be appreciated, I
have the updated BIOS file ready for use I just don't know how to use it :(



Richard Urban

You need matched RAM. You need RAM that has the same memory timings and
speed rating. Hell, I even use RAM manufactured in the same FAB, on the same
day and from the same batch - if possible! You need to set your bios for
the default settings which are very minimal and allow operation with most
any RAM. Do not overclock unless you know what you are doing.


Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User

Quote from George Ankner:
If you knew as much as you think you know,
You would realize that you don't know what you thought you knew!

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