Flags and To Do Bar in OUtlook 2007



I just upgraded to Office 2007 and one thing I really don't like is the
changes in flags and the mixing of tasks and "to do" items. I flag emails to
separate important ones from the rest of my received messages. Some are info
only, others are actionable whenever and still others are urgent. It seems
that now, if you flag a message it be comes a to do item, period. Also, there
is only due date differentiation among flagged items. There used to be five
flag colors to differentiate flagged messages Is that not more? Is there a
way to recreate that functionality. And, I like the to do bar, but can I set
it up not to include flagged email messages? They get in the way of tasks.

In other words, is there any way to recreate the flagged message
functionality of Outlook 2003 where flags do not automatically become
task-like items?




Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Instead of using flags (which are back to acting like the flags from older
versions), use color categories to mark messages that don't need to have
reminders. Color categories replace color flags - if you have a purple flag
you use for 'info only", make a purple colored category called Info only
instead. Use flags when you need to flag something for follow up.

You can customize the view on the to-do bar - right click on the row of
field names and make changes, just as you do for other views.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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