fix for "No Playback Devices" in "Sounds and Audio Devices" cpl ?

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Rua Haszard Morris

My PC (running Windows XP Home SP2) has recently begun having problems with
audio - no apps are able to access the sound cards.

The PC has a ASUS K8V-VM motherboard, with Realtek Hi-definition audio
onboard, and a PCI C-Media CM8738 audio card (including an MPU-401 compatible
MIDI device).

I have had both cards working successfully for a while. I'm not clear on
when things went wrong, it may have been when I installed a microsoft driver
for the MPU-401 so I could use the joystick-port MIDI interface on the CM8738.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both cards, physically moving the
CMedia card to a different PCI slot, downloading the latest drivers (and
installing them) for the Realtek, and booting into safe mode, uninstalling
both devices in device manager, verifying the driver software is uninstalled
(via add/remove), then rebooting to normal mode and reinstalling the

No matter how carefully I do this, windows (via control panel "Sounds and
Audio Devices") tells me I have "no playback devices" "no recording devices"
and "no midi devices". This means that all apps are not able to access the
sound cards :(.

Note that the Realtek has a 3D audio demo in the mixer app, which works,
verifying that that audio device is indeed working (how infuriating!). Note
also that device manager lists all the audio devices and MIDI devices as
enabled and working properly. Note also the machine dual boots debian linux
and both audio devices are available and functional there, indicating this is
a windows driver/config issue.

I'm at a loss for how to resolve this, usually things come back after
reinstallation but this has me stumped. I really would like to avoid
reinstalling windows afresh (especially given that I have no guarantee things
won't go similarly wrong!).

Any help or troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated.


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