firewals,anti virus,and spyware

Sep 14, 2005
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good programs for fighting firewals,anti virus,and spyware

Here are some good programs for scanning and cleaningyour computer.

Firewalls:zonealarm (shareware can updated to pro)
[/url][url=""][/url] another good firewall is sygate personal firewall (it is also shareware but you can buy pro version)you can download it from here [url=""][/url]
anti spyware:ad-aware is a good shareware program that scans your computer for spam you can download a copy from [url=""][/url] spybots&d is another good shareware program that kills programs that can harm your computer and also has other usefull tools you can download it from [url=""][/url] when you download it click mode and make sure the advanced tab has a checkmark next to it also i recommand microsoft antispyware get it here [url=""][/url]
antivirus:avg free edition is a free antivirus program from grisoft download it here [url=""][/url] 
free antivirus scans:here are some free antivirus scans trend micro scan on this website [url=""][/url] 
panda software has a cool antivirus scan too [url=""][/url] microsoft has a Malicious Software Removal Tool [url=""][/url] there is alot more but these 3 are the most popular(for me)
test your computers security: [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] 
here is a cool virus encyclopedia [url=""][/url]
here is a good website if you cant log on [url=""][/url]
Please rate this thread. 
[size=3]If you know other cool websites or programs please post and i will add them to this thread[/size]
if there is a problem with any of these websites please tell me
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