Finding the running programs



I am using vista but I have microsoft security essentials install because of
that my windows defender has stopped working and I trying to find what
programs are running when I first start up my computer. How can I do that I
have some conflicting programs that are not letting me install new programs
from a cd.



Try CodeStuff Starter, it's safe and easy to
use, I think you will like it, get it here:

I can't tell you which startup items to keep, it's a personal
preference, but pretty well all the startup items shown by CodeStuff
Starter are safe to disable, and the changes are easy to reverse if you
change your mind. Research the items it shows you and decide whether or
not these things are really useful or needed. Some programs will set
themselves to start at boot time without your knowledge and with time
the list can grow to include useless pests, part of good computer
maintenance includes regular check of these startup items and removal of
the useless ones.

Use AutoRuns to control the startup axis, computerunfriendly,:

WinPatrol -

All of the above are free

Good luck

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