Software Explorer in Defender



I have been a great fan of windows Defender since its initial release.
One thing I find extremely helpful is the "software explorer" Giving me the
option to stop programmes running at start-up (instead of using msconfig)

I personally dont see why I should have to have "webcam" "printers"
"scanner" software running when I dont need them.... Install something and
wham its in the start-up and hense taskbar.

As Windows Defender is now "turned off" by some antivirus programmes
including AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials. How can I use the
software explorer ?

(Windows Vista)


if windows defender is turned off I assume and I could be wrong that you
cannot use that feature

Bill Sanderson

Thanks for posting this issue. Microsoft staff working on future versions
of Windows Defender (not sure there will be such post Windows 7...) do read
these messages, and requests like this from users do carry some weight.

You can turn on Windows Defender, and then go into Tools Options and disable
real-time protection. I'm not sure whether AVG will complain in this
situation or not--but you could temporarily enable in this way and use the
software explorers.

Bill Sanderson

Thanks. I decided that there's another feature in Windows 7 that is
probably a good replacement for that, but now I can't remember what it is
called, or where it is.....


You can use with Ccleaner -> Tools -> Startup
Autoruns sysinternals


I'm intrigued that you mention "As Windows Defender is now "turned off" by
some antivirus programmes including AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials."

The same hour as I uninstalled Windows Live OneCare (because it is now
defunct) and installed Microsoft Security Essentials, my computer was invaded
by "Security Tool".... a most annoying virus! This isn't supposed to happen,
is it???

I though Microsfot Security Essentials would stop such a virus.... I want
Windows Defender back!!!

ì „ì—는 ì›ìš°ë”비스타를 완전히 ì‚­ì œ?ë

"Ǝиçεl"는 ì¼ë‹¤ :
ë‹¹ì‹ ì€ Ccleaner와 함께 사용할 수 있습니다 -> ë„구 -> 시작
- ë˜ëŠ” -
- ë˜ëŠ” -
Autorunsì˜ ì‹œìŠ¤ ì¸ í„°ë„

"유모차"는 ì¼ë‹¤ :

제가 ê°œì¸ì ìœ¼ë¡œ ë‚´ê°€ 왜 "ì´ ì›¹ìº ì„" "프린터"으로해야 ë³¼ 수 있었나>

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