Find IP Of Computers On Network


Molten Ice

Hi! This might be the silliest question posted but I've looked up everywhere
and tried everything i could think of.

I have 2 computers connected at my home (A PC running XPsp2 wired connection
and laptop Vista Home Premium via wireless connection). The connection is
working fine and I can see the desktop PC from my laptop network page.

My question is this: Is there a way I can find the IP address of the desktop
without manually having to go there? I can do it for my laptop by going to
network and sharing center >> view status etc.

Is there a way preferably without using cmd to find the IP of a remote
computer connected via LAN?

Waiting for your reply.


Molten Ice

I'm not sure how it can help me, sorry.

Is there any other way? Some other software? Shouldn't Vista already have a
feature to view the IP address of computers connected to the same network?


There are actually a couple of ways:
On the Vista machine click the internet/network icon on the right side of
your task bar. Click Network and Sharing Center. Click View Full Map. Then
hold your mouse of the computer icon on the map and it will display the
Internal IP Address. You can also click View Status | Details from the
Network and Sharing Center instead of View Full Map. In the Details box your
IP is listed beside IPv4. You can also obtain it by accessing your wireless

On the XP: Click the internet/network icon on the task bar then click on
the Support tab.

You can download software or 'gadgets' that displays this information for
you automatically.


As an addendum, you can find this information by using Help and Support from
your Start Menu and search for IP address.

Molten Ice

Thanks a lot for your help!

The most useful thing I found was the program called LanHelper... I got the
demo version and will buy it after it expires. It's pretty handy. You guys
might wanna try it out.

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