Invisible network drive (Linkstation) on home network



I run a home network (p2p) with two desktop (Vista Home Premium) computers, a
wifi connected laptop, a network printer and the network drive (above). All
computers and other network devices have DHCP enabled. My router (D-Link DIR
615) handles the DHCP, but anchors the IP numbers to the MAC table entries of
the networked devices.

Now the problem: I can see the LinkStation hard drive on the Network
explorer of one of my computers, but not the other. I have tried to find out
what is different in the network setup between the two laptops. I have opened
up the software firewall, none of which has made a difference. I can ping the
Linkstation with both the IP number and the Netbios name (LMHosts), but I
can't see it in the explorer on one of the two machines. Any suggestions?

Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

From the computer that does connect to the LinkStation, log the LinkStation
menu and make sure that there is no restriction on the connections, and or
on the IP that can mange the device.
I am not familiar with the 655 but if it does not have IP reservation set
the LinkStation with Static IP that is out of the DHCP range.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)


Also, I can ping the Linkstation and map it as a network drive. If there were
any restrictions, this would probably be out.

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