Final line spacing in paragraph is larger than the rest - why? Hel



I have a 4-line paragraph, single-spaced in Word 2002 SP3, as part of a
2-page document. For some reason, the line spacing between line 3 and 4 of
the paragraph is about double the usual (i.e. between lines 1 and 2, 2 and

I checked the paragraph settings, and they're the same for all 4 lines, so
that doesn't seem to be the problem.

I even tried shortening the paragraph by one line, to see if that solved the
problem, but it just made the extra spacing between line 2 and 3 instead
(i.e. the new final line and the rest of the paragraph).

I really don't like the way this looks! Can anyone help/advise? Thanks in


Is each line a separate paragraph?? (Hopefully not.)

Select the whole paragraph and be sure it's all the same font size.
Maybe a space or something is bigger than the rest.

Is it the same font throughout? Different fonts cause different
spacings when your paragraph line spacing is set to Single.

What did you do to shorten the paragraph by one line?


Hey! Yes, highlighting the whole paragraph showed that it was not all the
same font size, and when I changed it to 8, the funky spacing disappeared.
Thank you!

I made the paragraph shorter by deleting words until it was just 3 lines long.


But in your deleting, you happened not to delete the space that was a
different size.

8 pt is too small -- I trust you put it back to something readable.

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