controlling paragraph spacing between styles



Following Shauna Kelly's great website (, I am trying to use
styles and paragraph formatting (spacing before / after) to control paragraph
spacing, rather than extra empty lines. However, I am running into the
following problem.

I want some spacing (6pt) between regular (Normal) paragraphs. Then I want
to insert a bulleted list (List Bullet) in between Normal paragraphs, and I
don't want any extra space between the bullets. I formatted the Normal style
to add 6pts after the paragraph. Then I formatted the List Bullet style with
the same, but checked the box "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same

Everything was fine until today I extended my bullet list to include List
Bullet 2, 3 etc. Now it adds the space when switching from List Bullet to
List Bullet 2 and vice versa, etc. If I remove the space after List Bullet
completely, there is no space between the last bullet and the next following
Normal paragraph.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Not terribly elegant, but you could make sets of styles to use in
different circumstances. For instance, most block quotations are a
single paragraph (and not first-line-indented), so my Quotation style
has space above and below (as well as margins indented on both sides).
But if a block quotation is more than one paragraph, I want subsequent
paragraphs to be first-line indented, and no extra space between
paragraphs of a quote. So I have a set of four styles: Quotation,
QuotationBeginning (space before, no space after, no indent),
QuotationCenter (no space before or after, indented), and QuotationEnd
(no space before, space after, indented). Note that the names are in
alphabetical order so they appear in the right order in the drop-down

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