Fill Series function question




I have a spreadsheet that tracks the entry in a particular cell in a
number of other spreadsheets in the same workbook i.e. Cell A1
contains "=Jun09!$X$1" while A2 has "=Jul09!$X$1" etc

The workbook grows by one sheet per month and I therefore have to add
the above formula each month - (I actuall do about 6 at a time) and
therefore have to type in the formula each time.

My question is this - is there something like the "Edit" "Fill Series"
function that I could use? It would save me pasting the formulal in on
each new line and then editing each one for the month i.e. Aug, Sep

Jacob Skaria

Try this in A1 and drag down upto A6. If you want to start from Jan you can
remove (+5) part from the code...


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