File Download Window Never Completes


Rick Hamilton

I cannot download a file from Their Tech Support staff is
unable to solve the issue. After I search for homes and receive a list, I
click the Download button to receive a simple text file. The dialogue "File
Download - Security Warning" opens, with three buttons from which to choose:
"Open", "Save", "Cancel". If I click "Save", The Open button is greyed out,
the Save button changes to a greyed out Open Folder button, and the Cancel
button remains available. A piece of paper flies from the Globe icon to the
manilla folder icon, and the file never downloads, nor do a receive the
Browse dialogue which would allow me to choose a folder and type a filename.
The File Download dialogue says Getting File Information: GetData.asp from The "Estimated time left" has no value next to it.
The "Download to:" has no value next to it.
The "Transfer rate:" has no value next to it.
The "Close the dialog box when download completes" has a check in it.

This behavior exists on two different machines in my office. Both have
XP/SP2, with Norton Internet Security 2007. We have turned Norton off
completely, with no success. We have tried many different settings inside
Internet Explorer Tools/Options/Advanced.

Any suggestions are desparately needed. Thank you.


Peter Foldes

Turning off Norton unfortunately most of the time does not disable it. You would need to uninstall Norton as per their uninstall tool available at their site. Download the file and then re-install Norton Security which is a piece of work that does amazing magical tricks with many systems

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