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I have created a feedback form in fp 2003, and directed inquiries to go to my
site's email address. A test done today does not go to that email as it

Also, tried to set up a confirmation page by following the fp instructions,
and after launching, but it isn’t working.

I created a link to the confirmation page by attaching it to "submit



'I created a link to the confirmation page by attaching it to "submit

Incorrect method - the confirmation page should be linked to in either Form
Properties, a hidden field or built into the processing script, depending on
what is used to process the form data on the server.

This error may also explain why the email fails. How did you direct the
form to send to email?

Guesswork can be eliminated to some extent if you gave a link to the form
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

Reply only to group - emails will be deleted unread.


I set it up to direct to email in form properties.

So the confirmation is automatically linked to the form? Why do the fields
added to the confirmation page not work? I used the same field names as on
the form.

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