Faxing from Outlook 2000



Sorry Ill start again
I am trying to use the fax software that comes with
outlook 2000 that came with the office 2000 pro disks I
purchased to use on my windows 98 os computer
I print the document to the fax printer outlook starts and
asks me were to send the fax which I select from my
contacts folder and then i click send. At this point
outlook asks me to confirm the number I wish to send the
fax to but it doesnt offer me the one i selected instead
it always offers me the very first entry alphabetically in
the contacts folder every time. How can I get outlook to
ask me to confirm the contact I selected.
When sending Emails using the same contacts list every
thing works fine.
Any help would be gratefully recieved



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Outlook does not come with any fax software. It uses the fax software
provided with the operating system except for the long defunct IMO mode
which came with a crippled little program called WinFax SE. It rarely
worked. If that's what you mean, look over the information here:

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