Fax Services in Windows XP



i tried to set up the fax service in Windows XP and send a
fax using Fax modem, but it always gives me "There is no
answer" and "The Line is busy", May i know what problem is
that ? The Fax modem should be function properly since
when i tried to use the Fax Modem to connect to internet,
it works! I did check the recipient fax number, and it has
no problem too. When i tried to ask the other party to fax
here, i saw the status of the fax window, and i realized
that the call is answered but later, it showed error
message "An error occurred while receiving the fax",
Please help and thank you very much .



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Connecting to the Internet in no way suggests that your modem will work for
faxing with Windows XP. Is this modem on the Windows XP HCL list?

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