"Fax server information cannot be retrieved"




I have just configured a server with w2003 + Isa Server to be as a fax
server. Now I can get our faxes to our email boxes, we can send faxes from
the machine.

when i connect to that machine from internal or from external network
like this,


it shows printers faxes and shared directories it has.

I can connect to printer, and print. I can connect to the Fax-Printer,
it connects, when i try to fax, wizard starts, on the second step says:

"Fax server information cannot be retrieved. The fax wizard will close

and it closes. There is nothing wrong with security settings of the fax
printer. "Everyone" can "Fax", "administrator" can "manage". And it
perfectly works on the server. I can send and receive.

Any ideas?





The only idea that i have is that the users might need some extra
privialges on the server. I know that i have problems with the users
having being part of the user group but when they are part of the
administrators group everthing seems to work fine. I know it not ideal
but i does solve some of my problems. Try expiramenting with other
groups and see if that helps you out any.

Chandrasekar [MSFT]

There are a couple of things that you need to make sure:-

1. The client and server are in the same domain or in the same workgroup.
2. If they are in the same work group, make sure the user as whom you have
logged on in the client exists on the server and also has the same password.

Chandrasekar R
Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team
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Hi...I had the same problem with a Windows 2003 server. Basically, when I
left the setup as default, everything worked. As soon as I changed the
security settings on the Fax Printer, i.e., removed the everyone group, no
one else could connect, and received that error message.

After beating my head against the wall, I finally found the answer in the
help for the Fax Console.

The Network Services account must have full rights to:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows

This account is a local account to the server you install the Fax on. The
Fax Service uses this account to access the folders under MSFAX. When the
everyone group is removed....it loses it's access. Kind of stupid actually.
If this account is essential, you would think it would show up in the
security settings of the Fax Printer.

At any rate, check the permissions on the MSFAX folder as shown above.
Assuming you installed the server, and kept the default config, that's where
it should be. Add the Network Services account to MSFAX, and push full
control rights to that folder, and all subfolders/files.

I can't remember, as it was a while ago, but when you secure the actual Fax
Printer, I think the Network Services account needs to be added there as
well...but I'm not 100% sure on that one.


Adam Hutcheson - MCSE

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