fax not working Word 2k, Win2k Pro, MS Fax, external fax/modem


David Christensen

I am having trouble sending faxes from Word 2k (9.0.6926
SP-3) using Win2k Pro (5.00.2195 SP4), the built-in fax
utility (Microsoft Fax Queue Version 5.0 Build 2195 SP4),
and my external fax modem (US Robotics #USR5686D).
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Today, it isn't

In Word:

1. Choose "File" -> "Print" -> "Printer" -> "Name" -> "Fax
" -> "OK".
2. "Welcome to the Send Fax Wizard" dialog -- choose "Next".
3. "Recipient and Dialing Information" dialog -- click
"Address Book".
a. "Address Book" dialog -- choose recipients, choose
b. Choose "Next".
4. "Adding a Cover Page" dialog -- choose "Next".
5. "Scheduling a Transmission" dialog -- "Now" is
selected, choose "Next".
6. "Completing the Send Fax Wizard" dialog -- choose "Finish".

When things work correctly, I will hear the fax modem open
the line (dial tone), dial the number, and go through the
negotiation/ transmission process. Win2k will display a
dialog on the screen showing progress.

But, it is not working today. What has changed? Windows
downloaded upgrades and I installed them. Checking Windows
Update, I seem to have everything except Windows Journal
Viewer (or some such). I had installed it previously, but
it was causing problems so I removed it.

In the system tray (?), an icon shows up for the Fax Queue.
When I double-click on it, "Fax Queue (Not Connected)"
starts. No documents are listed. If I choose "View" ->
"Refresh", the window title changes to "Fax Queue
(Connecting...)" for about 30 seconds, and then returns to
the initial state.

If I go to "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Printers", "Printers"
starts. The "Fax" row shows a non-zero value for
"Documents" and "Off Line" for "Status". If I right-click
on "Fax" and choose "Cancel All Documents", the document
count sometimes decreases, sometimes does not decrease.
Sometimes it drops to zero after ~5 secodns, and then
"Status" changes to "Ready".

If I use Hyperterminal at 9600-N-8-1:


Any suggestions?





David Christensen

A work-around seems to be: shutdown the computer, power
down the modem, wait 10 seconds, power up the modem, start
the computer.


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