"Fax Mail Transport" Service does not appear in Outlook 2000

Sep 27, 2005
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I have been looking through countless Websites and threads and cannot seem to find anybody that is suffering the same problem as I have with getting the Fax to work in Outlook 2000!!!!

Operating Systems:

- Win 2000 Pro
- XP Service Pack 2
- Outlook 2000 (Corporate Mode)

We have a number of machines already using the "Microsoft Shared Fax Mail Transport" from 2k machines and a few other machines that are working using the "Fax Mail Transport" on XP with Outlook 2000. This is fine.

However, a number of machines (2 on XP + 1 on 2000) do not seem to install the Fax Service properly.

XP: When selecting the Service from Outlook 2000, Fax Mail Transport does not appear, so we have installed the Fax Service from Control Panel > Components. This seems to work, however the Fax Mail Transport does still not appear in the list of available services from Outlook. We have tried uninstalling the Fax Service, and then re-installing the Fax Service, a number of different times, rebooted, repaired Outlook and done all of these things in a number of different combinations!!! We have done almost all things now, bar re-install Outlook, but we are unsure as to whether this will solve the problem or if there is an issue with XP itself and references to SP2 that I've found.

2000: Again, when we reinstall the Fax Client (which worked for some other 2000 machines) the Microsoft Shared Fax Mail Transport does not appear in the list of available services from Outlook.

Please Help!!!!

Steven Long

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